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Professionally, I'm a software developer (programmer) coding with systems which implement PHP, MySQL, Java, Javascript, Jquery, Tomcat, IIS,... and more.

As a hobby, I like to create little application nuggets, usually puzzles or other tools. I also enjoy video production using open source software. Get in touch if you'd like me to produce a video story of one of your caches or series.

To help me code, I do like to drink caffeine. It keeps me afloat when everything around you drags you down. If you appreciate my work and would like to support my creativity, I'd like to offer you the chance to donate a coffee. You can do this at BuyMeAcoffee. To support my YouTube channel, please support me at Buy Me a Coffee at If you do buy me a coffee, I will class you as a legend and will truly appreciate your kindness.

Thank You.