Video Blog

One of my creative outlets is the making of short video productions, many of which feature on my YouTube channel 'pubtv'.

I use a Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam. I bought it back in 2018 but they still seem to be selling them today. It's quite lightweight but does record in HD. I have an arrangement of tripods and monopods too, plus some other camera tools for making close up shots.

To edit, I use Kdenlive, an open-source application which was intuitively easy to understand; multiple video and audio tracks, a timeline, plus numerous effects too.

Please do subscribe if you want to see the next one. You can subscribe for FREE, just click the SUBSCRIBE button. And when you've seen a video, click the LIKE button and leave a comment.

I hope to publish a new video roughly once a month. If you have any ideas for a video or would like me to help you make or edit one, please get in touch.

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